We aim for a new Space (Paradise) Frontier...

It will bring the brand-new Space Transport Business etc.


First, as for the (less expensive) way of confirming the ground experimental favorable results

in a gravity-free space, its propulsion module of a compact type (small size) for the experiments

is available on an airplane in parabolic flight at lower cost compared to the outer space flight one for the present.

At that time, it is verified that the super power drive for the space propulsion

with no use of the rocket fuels etc becomes practically effective.

Secondly, this (unmanned) small version of the spacecraft propulsion module may be launched

by a sounding rocket(s) and the like at a low cost toward the moon and over...

before real travel to the moon with the (hu)manned spaceship in the nearer future.

It will arrive at the lunar surface at the earliest (quickest) in the midst of the new space race to the moon

by the mainly private sector enterprise (Google Lunar Xprize etc)....

After that, the advent of the new space age : space (interplanetary) travel

with a lot of the tourists actually would have come at length!

The AeroSpace Universe Corporation has already been planning unique (aero)space venture businesses

besides the above space tourism (Fly me to the moon project)...

Please access the below, if you're interested in....

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